Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Rensselear to Peru 2

Saw this in front yard of a resident of the town of Royal Center which was on today's route. Have not had time to analyze what this is about but it looked good and interesting but I could not find any live people nearby to provide info details .

There was something about this sign that just hollared "Take my picture--I am interesting".
although I took no pictures in the town itself Twelve Mile is pretty neat. It has a great relaxing park with huge swings which I tested for about a half an hour. Dang it feels good to swing free and easy without a thought of any substance in your head. I stayed about an hour and it felt like 5 minutes.

Twelve Mile is world famous for its Lawn Mower 500 race which has been happening since the 1960's--check it out

This is a pic of the Eel River right outside the town of Mexico Indiana. There were several nice towns on tody's ride and each one was neater than the last.

Rode about 90 miles today and it was all good. Had a decent side wind from the North which did not affect riding until end of day when I turned south to get to Peru , then it was a very positive thing.
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