Sunday, July 12, 2009

Bismarck to Pollock SD 5

For my folks who are into exotic post offices ,this is the downtown post office in Pollock and yes that is horse poop in the fore ground. Not an uncommon sight in this town.

These are the horse shoe pits beside the Fin and Feather the hot bar/restaurant in town. When I was there Friday night there were 2 games for cash going on. This seems to be the same as pool tables when it comes to tests of skill .
If Sandy DeHart would have been there she would now be the queen of some cattle ranch giving orders to her crew of men.

This is just part of a huge herd of buffalo on a ranch near Pollock. I still want to get one of these babies back to Darke County.

These are the folks who have all the buffs. No one could tell me what they do with them but I imagine they are turned into steaks and burgers.
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