Saturday, July 18, 2009

Rib Fest 2

After checking out all the possible sources for ribs at this event I chose these guys--mostly because they had the shortest lines. When Sassy and I compared the food I liked hers best and conversely she liked mine better than hers.

The feature entertainment for the night was a group from Minneapolis called HAIRBALL billed as the ultimate '80s impersonation band. Although we chose not to stick around for this act I did have a great conversation with some of their groupies who were walking around the grounds before the event. When we introduced ourselves these 2 asked that I call them "Mojoe" (on the left) and "Thevoice"--and I am thinking to myself "wow,what odd names for Hairball groupies, or human beings in general".

Anyway, we had a very stimulating discussion on a wide range of topics including Iowa's new same sex marriage laws. Somehow we shifted to high school football and how good Iowa ball is, but when I asked them if they had ever heard of the MAC in Ohio they both said "do you mean the best small school athletic conference in the world?" and when I said "yup, one and the same", they said "Man, everybody has heard about the mighty Mac, that is one tough league"

Thevoice said, "Isn't the all around best MAC team called Coldwater or something like that?" and "Mojoe asked "Aren't they the ones with that cheap Chevy* car as a mascot?, they should have something classier with a program like that" .
Well I did my best to answer their questions but before I left them they insisted I provide them with the Coldwater school address as well as the athletic director's home phone number because they want to apply for the job as mascots during the coming season. They are excited about adding some new energy/excitement to the Coldwater football games.
Actually I encouraged them when I described how friendly and classy the Coldwater fans and community in general are, and that it would be a sure thing that they would be welcomed with open arms and treated right nice when they got to town.

Dang , it does a body good when you can help somebody improve their lives by giving them hope.

BTW--the feature act tonight is called Bare Naked Ladies and to top it all off Miss Iowa will open for them by playing the violin. This Ragbrai thing promises to be special in a lot of ways.

* obviously mojoe was mistakenly referring to the Chevy Cavalier, but I figured who am I to dampen his enthusiasm

Had to add this to my Grab N Go, Kum N Go list.
It would be neat to sit in on the meetings where names of convenience stores are determined.
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