Saturday, July 25, 2009

Ragbrai Ottumwa to Mt. Pleasnt 3

This says it all.

You see a lot of this writing on biker's calves. Apparently this means first time Ragbraier. There are other letters/words that I do not know the meaning of. There are some SLUTS to be seen and I can only assume that these are bikers who have ridden Ragrbai multiple times.

One of my favorite rides. This guy has a serious sterio playing cool songs as he peddles along. I talked to the driver a few times and every time he metioned the heat and how hot he was in there.

Not at all sure what the message is here but my sense is there is a double entendre in there somewhere.

At aalmost every stop there is usuaally someone up the road a piece shouting or trying to direct bikers to stop at thier town and/or stand. Mant times these are young ladies and whenever I can I ask them if they are Miss Iowa --most get beffuddled and laugh but today one very sharp gal said "Hey for $100 I will Miss Anything". She had to have seen/heard me coming.
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