Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fort Thompson SD to Chamberlain SD 2

This was a great ride. A tail wind at my back, the Missouri River on my right and all kinds of cool scenery. In this one you can see the Mighty Mo in the distance but there is an old rusty car parked out in the field at the upper right that was interesting.

Right after I took the above pic of rusty car I spotted this quarter laying beside the road. Now this is real road silver. When I picked it up and examined it I got excited for a second when I thought it was a North Dakota quarter , which would have been a real kick, but it was a North Carolina quarter which is still worth 25 cents .
Now if one of these days I come across a genuine Sakajawea gold dollar coin I will consider it a sign from above that this trip was meant to be . That would be like an American Indian seeing a white buffalo.

This is one more of those "road ahead" pics looking towards Chamberlain from the north west. The road goes all over the place , down into a valley and then up over the bluff to the left. Even with the tail wind this was a kinda tough pull, but very satisfying.

This is looking back on that same stretch of road after navigating it. The road really ran all over the place, down by the river then up over that hill. This is a neat feeling , looking back over a scene like this , knowing you just rode that sucker.
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