Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Dodge ND

Between Killdeer and Beulah is the neat little town of Dodge located right on the highway.It looks a lot like North Star Ohio (as do many towns in this part of the world) if all of NS were located on the east side of the roaqd with nothing on the west. A great place to take a break. It has a very nice camp/trailer with restrooms and showers right along the highway.

This was a solid spot for a food/water break. I sat on that bench and watched all the road construction trucks stream by. Everybody waves at each other along this road, especially if you ara the driver of a big tar hauling rig and you see a biker eating about 20 feet from you beside the road. I had to sorta eat 1 handed in order to keep 1 arm free to return wave. It reminded me of sitting on a bench on main street in Versailles and waving at 9 out of 10 vehicles because you either know the people or think you know the people or out of habit because you might know the people and do not want to offend anyone.

This is Dodge school . Not sure what the statues signify. I did note that the place was air conditioned.

This is a pretty long playground slide near the Dodge school and I found it amazing in that there is a steep 30-40 foot hill that starts at the end of the slide, which is built on the side of the hill. What a thrill that must be after slipping 20 feet down that chute building up speed to immediately have 30 more feet of rolling down that hill. This has to be a popular place in the winter time.
That hill is steep enough to make a ski lift feasible to get back to the top.
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