Monday, July 20, 2009

Stanton Iowa

In every town the Ragbrai stops in there are 2 large farm tractors (usually John Deere) with a 1" cable stretched between them about 3 feet off the ground. This is sort of a hitching post of bikes .

The local girls basketball team has a P I G challenge where they took on bikers shooting for letters (just like H O R S E) this was a huge deal in that a very big crowd gathered and cheered or booed every shot. If the girls won , which they did a lot the biker made a "donation" to thier fund. What was funny was that these bikers may be good basketball players but when you get off a bike after riding hills for awhile your legs are not in sync with the rest of you and it is hard to do stuff like shoot a basketball accurately.
It was fun watching these girls hustle the macho bikers and the crowd egged everyone on. It had to be a good fund raiser especially since the deck was stacked against the bikers but they did not realize or accept it.

More of the crowd in Stanton.

Still more ofa crowd in the next town of Villisca Iowa. Every town was like this and the host residents were wonderful. What a great thing to see and be part of.
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