Monday, July 27, 2009

Burlington Iowa

This is me at the entrance/exit to Snake Alley (thaat is me in the blue shirt).

This is me with Diane from New Jersey and Larry from Washington. Diane is with a group of cross country riders who left Washington State about the same time I left Oregon and also did Ragbrai. During Ragbrai I accidently met 4 of the 5 riders from that group during stops along the route, which is amazing considering there were 10000 bikers all strung out along the way. Diane was the last of the group I met and that was after Ragbrai was over.
The reason I finally did meet her was that 3 days before i had a conversation with Larry who is here on his own for Ragbrai and he mentioned this lady he had met who was also on a cross country tour and that was Diane--anyway this long story was one of many coincidental meetings that took place during Ragbrai. The 3 of us all ran into each other at the same time at Snake Alley after the Ragbrai.
Larry , leads bike tours around the world and we are already working on when we can hook up when I get to D.C.

btw--that is me on the right

Apparently there are a few more Burlingtons around the world.

I went to a Burlington Bees baseball game and was disapointed when I went looking for Buzz , the Bee mascot for a picture. I learned that Buzz only works 5 innings and then disapears(probably to the beer garden). So i was stuck with getting pic with this logo that looks nothing like the real Buzz who walks around with a bright yellow/black costume --actually some little obviously retarded bastard kids walked up to me and asked if I was Buzz.

btw--I am on the right in this pic
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  1. The Burlington Bees...they have cool hats!