Monday, July 20, 2009

Ragbrai --Red oak to Greenfield Iowa 3

Another cool rig.

If you bought a bottle of ice water from these kids along the road you could get your picture taken with their pet cows. This is me and Rosie (I am on the right). These kids had aa real hustle going and onetold me they expected to sell over 2000 bottles of water, they were at 1500 when I came thru . Rosie was tired and they were going to give her a break and plug another cow into the mix after my pic.

There were a group of guys dressed as farmers along the road for maybe 2 miles telling riders to stop and see "the biggest bull in Iowa" at the next cross road and also buy a sirloin sandwich .
This is me and the biggest bull nin Iowa (that is me on the left). This guy(the bull) has the whole package.

This is me a fiberglass bull in one of the towns we rode thru in the rain (that is me on the left).
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  1. I love it! That bull must have made one hell of a sandwich!

  2. Actually that bull could not cook a lick--he had trouble boiling water