Friday, July 17, 2009

The Ragbrai Rib Fest

I have never been to a big time Rib Fest and was really impressed by the number of awards each place listed. There were 10 different ribbers and all showed off huge trophies they have won--some of the hardware was well over 6 feet high.
These guys caught my eye because in the lower left corner they list winning the Toledo Rib Fest .

These guys must compete all over the country.

And these guys compete all over the world. I wonder if they have rib fest in third world countries.

These guys had a whole other list of awards off to the side that was just as big as the one you see.
Miss Sassy picked this one , I think because of the "world champions" thing. She believes most signs she reads and also she is one of those "size does matter" people.
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  1. If you like Ribs, hit up the Jazz and Ribfest in Columbus sometime. Good music and good ribs. One of the few times I went out with my buddies and had a emat hangover the next day as compared to the other kind of hangover. Good stuff!