Saturday, July 25, 2009

Ragbrai Ottumwa to Mt. Pleasant 2

Another interesting team.

These 2 bikers are members of some symphony orchestra in a US city (maybe Grand Rapids Mi. but not sure). They play at various stops and are very good. I heard them playing this morning at the first stop at 7 a. m. It was great to have some culture mixed into the usual early morning grunts , groans, moans and other body sounds.

This guy had the best set up for blasting music along route--the loudest. Check out the solar panel and the controls on the handle bars--he even took requests.

A very popular team that seemed to have members all over the place.


Lots of excellent conversations during ride today. One of the best and longest was with a lady and the topic is Stephen King type books and/or Alfred Hitchcock type movies where someone is traveling through the country side and somehow gets into a place where all becomes strange and there is no way out. The deal is that all these travelers are in cars or trucks , RV's or even motorcycles. --it is time that someone is peddling along on a bike and enters a strange town and the story goes from there.
We both believe that there is a underserved niche market of bicycleists who would all buy a book about a touring biker(maybe even on a recumbent) entering the twilight zone.

Another thing that I wanted to list is all the standard bike yells you hear during typical day. It is interesting the tone of voice used when these things get communicaated. Many Mant times riders (both men and women ) go way overboard and try to use deeper/louder voices than normal and/or really necessary.
Car Up! means there is a car coming towards bikers
Car Back! means there is car coming up from behind
Biker On! means that a biker beside the road is ready to get back into the flow and wants to let oncoming riders know about it
Biker Off! means that a rider is moving towards the the side of the road and is about to get out of the flow--this is basically for the riders behind
On Your Left! --this is said by a rider coming up on your left from behind so you will know youa are about to be passed by another biker who os pretty close to you. I hear this a lot because I still ride the right berm line a lot so I get passed on my left a lot.
On Your Right! same as on Your Left! exept on your other side
Through The Middle! this is said when someone is riding up on 2 other riders and intends to slice between them
Rumble!! Letting riders brehind know that there are rumble strips ahead
Slowing!! means that the riders ahead are slowing down and do not want others to run up their backs
Biker Down! hollared when somebody hits the deck

Free Beer! not heard a lot but when it is it causes a whole lot of the above things to be yelled in an authoritative voice.
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