Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mitchell SD to Sioux Falls SD

As previously mentioned I have seen a substantial use of used tires as signage--usually No Trespassing or Hunting. This one was a bit different in that whoever decorated it added some designs--a good touch and probably the hand of a lady was involved.
I wonder what they use old white walls for in these parts.

There were several small towns on this route and all seem to have a theme or slogan. This one got my attention in my opinion including the word "die" in your message can not be good.
I still consider Versailes's PEOPLE PRIDE PROGRESS the standard when it comes to letting folks know what you are all about.

This is a sharp happening town of about 2000 . Although I was not sure what "on the edge of everything" means I thought it sounded interesting and kinda good

Then I spotted the water tower and there seems to be a conflict regarding Hartford's message to the rest of the world.


Today was the day I have been waiting on since day 1. There was a 15-20 mile per hour wind and it was at my back for a change. This was like floating on a cloud. I traveled over 110 miles today(counting several side trips) and ended up south of Sioux Falls about 7 and could have ridden a couple more hours.
Having a strong tail wind makes life grand and makes you feel that there really are solutions to every problem. For example at one point I realized that I had made a mistake reading map and was short about 10 miles from where I thought I was, when I figured it out my first thought was "no big deal--la dee da " and I got on bike and rode. Now if there had been a strong head wind my reaction would have been 180 degrees opposite and I would probably have cussed for the first 5 miles as well as the last 5, and maybe threatening to sue the map maker for my error.

I stopped to take a phone call and told the caller I had to go because I was burning tailwind.

I figure I have at least 15 maybe 20 more of these days coming and I am looking forward to them.
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