Saturday, July 11, 2009

Bismark Wrestling

This is 320 pound VENOM who claimed that Coors was like "spinach" for him and after drinking the whole can he really worked over his opponent HORACE THE PSYCHOPATH but could not put HORACE away. HORACE does a pretty good front flip chest slam and pinned VENOM. This was a huge upset and as HORACE walked around the crowm immediately after he kept hollaring "That's is one fat bastard laying there holding his chest."

Horace looked suspiciously like the N.O.W.O. "commisioner" who disappeared after forcing Dirty Dan Hanson to wrestle THE HONKEY TONK MAN.

This is me and HORACE THE PSYCHOPATH(I am on the right). He spoke so softly you had a hard time hearing him.

This was a travesty--the big crowd favorite and my new best freind COOTER was pinned after 217 pound SAMMY THE BULLDOG (also called "Woodtick" by COOTER) distracted the ref. The stunned silence of the pro COOTER crowd was deafening. The only sounds you could hear was crickets chirping, caps being popped off of long necks and somewhere in the distance a coyote howled a mournful howl, somehow it all seemed so appropriate.
Interesting notes from this amazing bout
COOTER weighed in at " a pig, agoat and a chicken" and he carried a rubber chicken all over the place. Some of COOTER'S "moves" was the double nipple twist, and a huge wet willy. He also must have a signature move called the wife beater , at least that is what the crowd kept yelling for, but unfortunately he never had the opportunity to use it.
SAMMY THE BULLDOG's mother "potty trained him with a shotgun" and he did the unthinkable when he wiped his butt with COOTER's rubber chicken after illegally pinning him--this is one bad man--dispicable--no respect for anything decent and good.
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