Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Pierre SD to Fort Thopson SD 2

The scenery is still spectaular.

I have been seeing a lot tires used for signage. Actually it makes a lot of sense, they do not cost much, they get the message across and can be moved easily--also there is not much chance that anyone will steal them.

This was a sign in front of a house along the road. I wanted to stop and ask about sky pilots but did not have the cajones to walk up that lane and knock on the door.

This pic of an irrigation set up will provide an idea of which way the wind was blowing and hard it was blowing. The wind was pushing things east to west --hard. That is east on the right.
When you are grinding away in a situation like this it is more mental than physical. After awhile your legs are moving automatically so you need stuff to occupy your mind . Sometimes I work out junior high math problems, or count pedal revolutions and or lines in the road, but much of the time I will listen to music in my head--sometimes songs just get stuck in your head and you can not get it out. Many times I will take a song and make up new lyrics , much like Wierd Al Yankovich has done so well. Yesterday I was into Clarence Carter and his song "Strokin" which is an all time classic and a personal favorite of Louie Bergman and Ned Hemmelgarn
only I changed the words to say "Peddlin" along with whatever else made some kind of sense (or not)
"I be peddlin--peddlin to the east--peddlin to to the west--peddlin to the town that I luv best--peddlin" That moved me along at least 20 miles and that was a lot yesterdy.

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