Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ragbrai Indianola to Chariton Iowa 2

There are so many interesting "teams" represented at this event it is tough to get pics of them all. This is one of the more unique ones . In addition this guy was one of the rainbow group--he was the singer of the song "It Is Raining Men".

Another interesting team that apparently has been around for awhile.

This was a great scene heading into a very small town called Lacona which was a stop close to the end of the day's ride and Lacona was hopping. You can see the bikers going in and at top of pic you can see them rolling out of town up a long hill. What those trees are hiding is about 1000 bike riders doing their things in a big way on the street of Lacona(there is only one street). It was so crowded that you could barely walk your bike thru the mosh.

This is the upper section of the previous pic and although I am not postitive it appears that the same rider who was in that above pic is also in this one. This is surprising given the obstacle course that we all had to run to get to this hill, and that is if you did not stop to observe or become part of the stuff going on.
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