Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Selby SD to Pierre SD 3

When I saw this sign for the town of Agar on route 83 I stopped to ask a guy why the 83 was in removable/changable letters instead of the painted on ones that you normally see. He said that "somebody got a hair crosswise" because the population changed and the sign stayed the same, so this was the solution to stay current. I guess when there are not many residents in a town and there is a change then it is important to be accurate about it.

This is Onida the county seat of Sully county I thought it unique that the towns successful football team was honored by an actual goal post at the edge of town.

This is the county courthouse of Onida.

Good artwork on the town water tower.


As good as the ride was Sunday , and actually the entire trip the was an "incident " off the main highway in the town of Onida(population ). I was 70 miles into the ride with about 25 to go--it was 85-90 degrees .
I was riding the half mile to downtown Onida to take some pics when a pickup truck went by with a golden and a black lab in the back. As per usual with dogs in the back of pickup trucks they barked like crazy when they went by--that sort of thing has happened from day one on this trip. The truck pulls over to the side of the road and stops. The dogs jump out and come after me. They were nipping at me but made no actual contact. When I got closer I asked this shit kicker what he was doing. He said "just keep riding --they will get tired".

That was all I needed to lose it and get crazy. I pulled out my pepper spray and dosed both dogs from about a foot away. They dropped like stones on the road and just lay there whimpering. Now the shitkicker goes crazy , so we exchanged blue language for a few mminutes. On reflection, I think I managed to work in every socially unacceptable adverb, adjective, noun, verb and dangling participle I had aquired from growing up in Frenchtown, the docks in Toledo, the oil patch in Wyoming, raising 2 very creative sons and working with Nancy Miller.
I wish I had a video of the incident, it could probably be used as a training film for something. The guy was holloring about calling the cops for hurting his dogs and I threatened to pull out my pocket knife and finish the job on the dogs. I finally rode down to a convenience store for about 30 miniutes expecting a cop to show up, but nothing happened so I finished the ride. I am happy the guy stayed by his truck and just hollared.
Also I hope those bastard sons of bitches dogs (I think this may be the first time this term was properly used as a description for something)that I pepperized can not now reproduce.
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