Thursday, July 30, 2009

Peru Circus Museum 4

This guy was one of the tent crew and he reminded me so much of my son Jeff that I asked if I could take a pic.

This Jeff look alike and this monkey were obviously great pals, much like Jeff and his brother Russ. This scene made me a bit homesick for the family.

This the building housing the museum and you can see John Fugate sitting under that red/white striped awning.

This building housed and still houses many of the circus animals.
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  1. Hi Tony - I was with Larry and Gary on the Oregon to Maine 2006 trip. I joined them at Ragbrai and finished in Maine with them.
    Been following your trip, enjoying it tremendously. good luck the rest of the way.
    Russ C

  2. Russ,
    I have heard of you and you have my respect after riding half way accross country with Butch and Sundance. That had to be educational.

    Thanks for communique--look forward to meeting you one day--who knows we may even share a road sometime