Sunday, July 12, 2009

Bismarck to Pollock SD 4

Another one of those long road in front of me pics. This one goes forever and was a joy to ride.

Most of the route to Pollock was on route 1804 which runs along the Missouri River and is very lightly traveled . It was hard to travel a mile without seeing a deer or multiple deer. They were jumping all over the place.
Another thing was the many many pheasants . I would be riding along this peaceful tranquil road and then all at once there would be an explosion of pheasants taking off from the grass next to the road. It scared the hell out of me everytime. The bike would wobble around for awhile and my heart would stop racing and I would continue.

This is a ranch right outside Pollock and it seems like they had to make sure everyone understands the name of the place. Not only a sign but an actual broken saddle on display for those who can not read english.
note that the name of these people are the Huffmans which reminds me I need to send out an attaboy to my man Jim Huffman of Versailles . Early on, I put Jim in charge of my weather along the route and so far the guy has done pretty well. Only 3 days of rain and a lot of sunshine. The only issue I have with Jim is regarding the wind but I know he will even things out in the coming weeks. I expect that there will be some days when I will not have to peddle because of a great tailwind.
I selected Jim to be my weather guy for 2 reasons--1 he is a world traveler with experience in clothing optional beaches on at least 2 continents-2 he has a wonderful mother who has been a buddy of mine for a long long time.

This is a pic from the causeway heading into Pollock. The reflection was too clear to resist. As mentioned before this much water in this spot is unuasual. For the past 8 years this area has been a pheasant hunting area, although this was originally intended to have water in it.
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