Monday, July 20, 2009

Ragbrai-- Council Bluffs to Red Oak 2

There are many many signs along the way that will provide an idea of what is happening.

I really liked this one.

Everywhere you looked at any stop there was this sort of thing going on.

One of my favorite pics of the day. Check out the spelling of sarcasim on sign. When I asked counter person about it she went into a long speelabout how much customers like their attitude--it is part of their thing--it brings customers back--she did not have a clue about the spelling.

Also in this pic is a member of my favorite "teams" so far. This is a group of young men who are at least acting the part of flaming alternative life styles and they have the tightest spandex shorts I have yet to see.
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  1. Plague-Free Food?! That's a plus!!! HAHAHA!!!!