Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Chamberlain SD

As I was heading out of town I came across the South Dakota Hall of Fame, which was a pleasant surprise. Actually if I had read any of the info on my bike maps or in the motel I would have known about this and would not have been surprised.
The thing that drew me to this place was the number of swallows flying around it--must have been hundreds and you can see a bunch parked on top of the building sign.

This was the first sculpture I saw in building and it is the most intense I can remember seeing. There is a lot happening here, that is a fallen horse under that buffalo and the Indian brave looks like he is next in line.

Tom Brokaw is the man in South Dakota--he is almost as famous in SD as Phil Jackson is in North Dakota.

I was most impressed by this and had to wonder how many folks outside South Dakota really believe it.


This was a good stop and there is a lot of info to process as you work your way thru all the ND hall of famers. I got real excited when I saw Myron Floran's photo hanging up there (but I was so excited I forgot to take a pic of his pic).

Myron was Lawrence Welk's second in command and the best accordian player in the world. Although known as a polka guy Myron did a lot of ther stuff --see video

Seeing M.F. and reading about him just made my day.

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