Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ragbrai Chariton to Ottumwa Iowa

This is part of the stream of bikers coming out of Chariton this morning. There was a hell of a rain storm about 4 a.m. that shook a lot of campers up. As we were riding early this morning about 8 there was still piles of pea sozed hail laying at the edge of the road--maybe 2-3 inches deep. It looked like left over ice from a snow cone machine. Fortunately all it did was rain and blow oncampers --no hail on them.

Sassy scored one of the very few motel rooms in the area so we were good.

This pic is the route leading into one of the small towns we hit today. It is dark as I am typing and I can not remember the name. Anyway it was a town about the size of Webster --maybe 50 people and it was as zoo as usual. You can see some of the action on the overpass.

Another shot of the stream. I never get tired of riding in it or just stopping and watching it flow by.

Another interesting shirt. I would call this guy a rel biker.
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