Thursday, July 9, 2009

Bismarck ND

For some reason this is a very popular place in Bismarck. It is like a Chucky Cheese with a big souvenir area.

Around here the name is Sakakawea , not Sakajawea as I have always thought. This is her area , where she was born and close to where she died. It is amazing what is not known about this lady. Even the year of her death is argued between 1812 and 1884.
How she got to be part of the Lewis and Clark expedition is interesting. Apaprently her "husband" won her and another "wife" in a card game and when L/C hired the husband they only would take 1 of the wives, and Sakakwea was preganant and actually delivered the baby a month before L/C left the area to continue journey.

Apaprently the person in the picture and the model for all the statues was a relative.

State capitol with wind indicators. The wind continued strong out of the east on wed and then switched to strong westerly today. I am not sure what direction it will be blowing tomorrow but I am not that concerned as long as it is not a bdirect head wind which would from the south.
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