Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Killdeer to Beulah 4

Sometimes the scenery is just so good you have to stop and stare. The bright color of that field in the distance was very eye catching.

Stuff like this is a big part of the reason I ride bicycles. Some times when riding you come across a place where you can see the road stretching very far in the distance. This was about 8 in the evening heading the last 15 miles to Beulah , traffic is light and it was just me and the road (and of course that bastard son of a bitch wind). When I see a road heading off like this I actually visualize myself riding on that road at different spots, and then disappearing over the top of the horizon. You never know what you might see there, maybe even an unwatched bridge that needs christened or a herd of buffalo or some cool road side art. Even at the end of a long day with a stretch to ride into the wind it still makes me want to get rolling down that stretch. It is like it calling me--like those double chocolate frozen yogurt cones (waffle) at TCBY.

This is the same road looking back after riding the distance and getting ready to disappear over the horizon. It is a neat feeling having ridden that stretch but also in this particular case not having to deal with riding the tar sticky crappy berm because the traffic was so light.

This is Beulah in the distance after a long day. A welcome sight. I tried to show the old and new water towers that bracket the town at each end. Probably looked better in person than through a camera lens.
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