Thursday, July 9, 2009

Beulah to Bismarck 6

Another shot of scenery between Beulah and Washburn.

Another section of fence from tha centipede ranch along route 1804 between Washburn and Bismarck.

The moon came up through the trees during the last 2 hours of the ride to Bismarck. Although it got dark the lights on the bike made it pretty easy to see the lines on the road. What was really neat was that as soon as the moon started to rise I could hear coyotes howling all over the place, like a symphony.
I was beat when I hit town and decided right then that Wed would be a rest day. I messed round all of Wed in Bismarck and then decided to stick around Thursday(today) as well. I realize I over extended myself the past 7 dyas riding into the wind and then topped it off with a very big ride on Tuesday. I just did not feel like riding today but am feeling pretty good right now and plan on hitting it tomorrow, riding south to Mobridge which is 100 + miles away. I want to at least get to a possible overnight about 75 miles away.

I did not do a lot today except get partly caught up on blog except for this evening which was tremendous, I am glad I stayed. I will describe what my activities have been in Bismarck in following posts.
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