Saturday, July 11, 2009

Bismarck ND to Pollock SD

These are new friends Rosemarie, Karl, Elanor, Bodo, Bridget in town for wedding. All are from Germany either visiting or currently living in ND. I quickly polished off what I remembered from 4 years of German in college and siad Wie Gehts , but that was it except for Volkwagon which I quickly worked into the conversation.
Rosemarie, who is visiting from the old country is somebody I would really like to have show me around one of those beer fests they have over there. My kind of woman. She was going to have a "gut"(German for good) time at that wedding and about everywhere else she went.

The evening before I ate at Famous Dave's and when the folks learned about ride (they originally asked how I got so tanned) they did not charge me for meal. As that most interesting guy says " I do not always eat ribs , but when I do I prefer Famous Daves--stay hungry my friends"

Finally some cool road art. This looks like something the Spandex Pony would come up with.

More road art.
This reminded me of the mud volleyball tourney team that son Jeff put together . The tourney was a fund raiser for the Greater Miami Valley Epileptic organization, and pics will be posted as soon as they are provided to me from the official photographer Justin Hemminger.
Apparently a good time was had by all even though the matches were delayed by rain a couple of times, which as I write this seems odd.
Stayed tuned for more info on this deal.

Yesterday I made the 90 mile ride from Bismarck south to Pollock SD. It was a beautiful ride. The scenery is great, in great part because of all the extra ordinary rian the area has experienced. It is green greener greenest. (a result of those east winds)
Regarding yesterday's wind, it was from the NW for first 25 miles (yes, a tailwind of about 10 mph), then it switched to sw fairly strong for 40 miles, then it pretty much died all together. So, while not a super day, it was the best I have experienced for quite awhile.
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