Thursday, July 16, 2009

Chamberlain SD to Mitchell SD

Could not get out of Chamberlain without getting pic of these cute kids--that is Sutton, Emma and Carson--definitely the cutest kids I saw in in all of South Dakota.

Just when I thought I had seen it all with Kum N Go and Grab N Go I spot the Whoa N Go. I really need to get a tshirt and cap from each of these --hec maybe there will be more different ones to check out on the way.

This scene and sign made me burst out laughing when I rode by it. That is not a lake --just a big wet spot in a corn field. By chance Orville was cutting grass directly across the road and when I asked him about the "lake and free fishing" he said "with all the rain this year I just gave up trying to replant and get anything out of that spot, so I put up the sign".

I just love South Dakota humor and below is a sign Miss Sassy and I saw on our trip out here that made us laugh as well.

You have to be on the look out for South Dakota humor because many times it is very subtle and makes the viewer pay attention and think a bit . Sort of like when you talk to Dave Richhart.


Yesterday was another good day. After discussing with it with Miss Sassy I decided to get off the official Lewis and Clark bike route and head directly across the state towards our rendezvous point south of Sioux City Ia.. The bike route does not run close enough to the Missouri River to see it anyway for a good part of the distance to S.C.I.
I rode a secondary road that runs parrallel to I-90 and has very light traffic. There was a decent tailwind and the riding was great. I ended up in Mitchell SD after 70 miles and could have gone further but I want to check nout the Corn Palace this morning. There just are not that many Corn Palaces around the world so I do not want to miss this one.
Also I had a flat tire yesterday for the first time in a long long while and it took longer than usual to fix it because I could not easily find the cause . Finally located a very small hole that went thru both tube and tire --must have run over a small wire or something.

Miss Sassy has just left Darke County and her target is to drive as far as comfortable today and get to Sioux City Iowa sometime before noon on Friday. That is about 140 miles from here and my goal is to make it thru S.C.I. by the time we meet.
The original plan was to meet in Council Bluffs Ia. Saturday morn but I will be about a day's ride short of that and although it is still doable I do not feel like pushing it that hard. Besides being able to spend some happy time with Miss Sassy for the next week , I want to have some gas in my tank for the Ragbrai ride so it is enjoyable fun it and not just the work of getting the over 500 nmiles in.

So Corn Palace look out , I am bringing some butter and salt with me .
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