Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mitchell SD to Sioux Falls 2 a good day

When I rode up on this sign it got me to thinking. Minnehaha was the girlfriend of Hiawatha in that poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and that got me thinking about my favorite Indian songs . Well, my all time favorite is Running Bear by Johnny Preston and if you have not heard it for awhile please take a listen

Anyway as per usual I was trying to come up with some alternative lyrics which might apply to what I have been doing the past 2 months. I just have a good start and it is rough but I can see it shaping up--the chorus will go something like this
Oh Bikin Bear loved Ranger Lightfoot *
In a love big as the skies
Oh Bikin Bear loved Ranger Lightfoot
And there's no doubt--so did his thighs

*(name of bike and the manufactirer)

I also have been toying with that Bob Dylan classic Blowin In The Wind which is a natural for biking in North Dakota(as in "the aswer my friend is....".

I will post as soon as these tunes get polished up

This happy town works the heart angle along with alliteration, and the message is the same on the sign and the water tower.

This is a picture of Old Glory blowin in the wind with 2 junior Old Glories below. I took this pic while standing south of this flag which means that the wind was blowing towards the Eaast (from the West) hard
Damn this is about the most patriotic I have felt in a long while. Another tailwind benefit.

Although it is a known fact by recumbent riders it is rarely spoken of outside our small circle. There is something about an old fat guy on a recumbent that makes it an instant chick magnet. If you do not believe me then just follow Jim Phelan or Harold Pohl around Darke County roads when they ride their recumbents and you will see what I mean.

It has gotten so bad on this trip that many times I have avoided riding where there were large concentrations of babes but sometimes it is unavoidable. I pulled up to Motel 6 tonight and was instantly mobbed by this group of foxes. It took forever to ditch them. I finally had to buy some candy and throw it in the swimming pool so they would dive in after it and I could escape.
I am glad Miss Sassy will be here tomorrow so she can control this situation--it can be very distracting on occasion.

BTW--this is Katie, Jaycee, Amanda, and Allison--they are members of the best softball team in the state of South Dakota and will prove that during a tournament in Sioux Falls this weekend.
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