Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Culbertson Museum 2

There about 30 manniquins dressed in period outfits throughout the museum. Very well done and educational.

One of the things that caught my eye upon entering thebuilding was this button display which happened to contain several buttons manufactured by an Ohio button company I am fairly familiar with. This was an excellent display indeed.

These are replicas of local cattle/horse brands.

Although it looks small from the outside I found this to be a lot bigger inside and a real treat to visit. Although you can not see her Ella Mae is standing inside the door. Not much gets by her . Before I left I signed the guest book and wrote a comment about what a pleasant surprise this all was --about 3 minutes later when I went off to one side to look at a cowboy spur display instead of walking out the door I heard Ella Mae tell someone that "you know he misspelled the word pleasant". That is when I knew I was in a Worch Memorial Librarylike situation.

One thing I did learn is that at one time Sears-Roebuck produced and shipped prefab houses and several were put up in the areas of Montana where lumber was not plentiful. As I understand it from Ella Mae none are still in existance.
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  1. You know my motto is "Harassment with a smile". Your friendly neighborhood librarian