Thursday, July 2, 2009

Fort Peck Mt.

If you are ever in this area it is worth a side trip to Fort Peck. The town has about 400 residents but it is a happening place. This sign sort of explains the history. One thing that caught my attention is the last 4 words "ever built by man". These folks are pretty proud of their dam.

This is a very good regional theater . The inside is as interesting as the outside. They have been putting excellent live theter here for decades and there is a lot of competition nationwide to become a member of the cast. My son Jeff told me about a theater major friend of his from Wright State who got her first paying acting job in Fort Peck a few years ago. I looked through some of the shows they have put on and it reads like the history of Broadway. They are starting a new production of The Wizard of Oz this Friday but as much as I would like to stick around and see it I have to keep moving in order to get to Council Bluffs Iowa for the start of Ragbrai.
This is one of the places I want to revisit.

This was also interesting in Fort Peck. The Luthern and Catholic congregations share the same building. I was wondering why this is not done in more places with all kinds of denominations. Think of the savings for both etc etc. which would mean being able to devoted a lot more resources to helping members of the community. I guess that would make too much sense to too few people to actually work.

This is a pic of the part of the beautiful lake formed by the Fort Peck Dam (the largest ........ever made by man). Besides the usual boating/fishing there are some very nice designated swimming areas with actual sandy beaches. I was watching a bunch of folks enjoying themselves by the water yesterday when a lady started screaming because a huge bull snake was moving along the beach. It had to be 6 feet long and I really wanted a pic but it disappered before I could get camera. What was funny is that people could not decide whether it was safe to be in or out of the water afterwards. It did stir things up quite a bit and made for lots of excited discussion on the beach.
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