Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Glascow Mt to Nashua via Fort Peck Mt

W@hile exploring Glascow Mt. this morning I came across some interesting stuff. The first was this Earnhart Jr. car parked in the National Guard Recruiting Center parking lot offering free pics (if you were 13 or older and gave them your email and home address--so they could "send " pic--clever --very clever). Anyway it was a free hotdog and diet Coke . This is a pic of 2 powerful machines--that is my bike in the foreground. BTW, the guy taking the pics was not happy with me because I was kinda screwing up his pics .

Not sure what the local high school mascot is but considering the other Glascow in Europe this would be a good one, if it isn't already.

Believe it or not this is a real live elk that the local Elks club hired to pose in front of their building during daylight hours. At least that is what Frank , who had a Glascow Elks shirt on told me when I complimented him on how nice it looked. Frank said it is not uncommon to have elk hire themselves out and do this sort of thing in exchange for protection during hiunting season.

Have seen several piles like this in this part of the country. I wonder how many of these came from elk who did not take jobs in town.

A short 35 mile day today. After checking out Glascow I headed for the Fort Peck dam which is the largest man made earthen dam in the universe. It sort of turns the Missouri River into a huge lake .
My short ride was not intended, I was heading for Wolf Point about 40 more miles away when I stopped at a convenience store in Nashua a small town located on Route 2 . The owner was very friendly and suggested I check out the town campsite next door. It was free and had a shower and very nice grass. I asked about mosquitoes and he said they were no problem "not like in Saco, the mosquito capitol of the world". He would even have the town fog around the campsite if I decided to stay--and they did. This sounded and looked promising and suddenly my legs said to me "take a break--we need it" so here I am sitting at a concrete picnic table writing my blog. The sun has set and it is getting a little chilly but very comfortable. No bugs to speak of.

The only deal is that about 100 yars away is the railroad track that runs alo9ng Route 2 . It is what the Amtrack runs on as well as a lot of freight trains. There is a crossing right here and I will have to handle those sounds, like the 7 horn blasts every train does before going thru the crossing.. It ain't quite like camping along side a burbling mountain stream but I will take it , especially after walking up to Berbie's and getting a salad , pizza and a chocolate malt --made with home made ice cream. They make it fresh everyday and damn is it good. My body is happy with me tonight.
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