Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Killdeer Nd to Beulah Nd 2

Leaving Killdeer you see Meriweather Lewis indicating where the road paving was taking place as well as what direction the wind would be blowing at 10-15 mph with 20 mph gusts. After more than 200 years the guy is still on top of things out here. Actually if you zoom in close enough to see the expression on his face it looks a lot like he is snickering.

This is another c-store chain that competes with Kum n Go. I wonder where they came up with these names or if they were the only ones available. It would seem that a store by this name might be more common in a more urban inner city atmoshpere.

I stopped in to get a sandwich and there was a kid about 10 years old hustling the drivers of cars to wash their windshields. The kid(Clint or Cliff or something western sounding) was good and he had a good hustle in that with all the unpaved roads about every car looks like it just survived a dust storm. It also helped that he looked a lot like Opie from Mayberry RFD. He was working a good sized pill (a Ned Hemmelgarn term meaning the cash he had in his hand to make change) and as I pulled up he asked if I wanted my windshield washed. I laughed and said no but I really liked his enterprise and could I take his picture. He said "sure but it will cost you a buck, nuthin is free around here" and he walked away. My guess is that this guy will own western North Dakota in 20 years, or be doing 20 years in the state pen

I was on the road about a mile and just getting the hang of working the sticky tar berm etc . I was really focusing on the road and not checking out what the scenery around me looked like. I glanced up and there was a herd of maybe 50 buffalo lined up next to a near by fence just staring at me. I immediately pulled over and checked them out. There was one big bearded guy in the heard who I really want bring back to Darke County. I can see him in our front yard along side that 20 foot totem pole and ram made out of horse shoes. I am positive that Miss Sassy will be on board with this plan as soon as she realizes how coveted buffalo chips are to all thye local gardeners. We will sell a million.

This was stuck up on a hill along the road with no explanation or sign explaining it. Somebody must have got up one morning and felt real creative, saw some extra plywood and paint and got busy.


Ok, I am writing this in Bismarck ND. think I have cleared some space on the mini puter but I am not sure how I did it so do not feel real confident yet.
Anyway , as mentioned in previous post I did eventually make it to Beulah and it was a long day. I am just now catching up on what happened during that trip. Despite the road construction and wind there was a lot to see, so the next few posts will cover that memorable 50 miles .
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