Sunday, July 5, 2009

Watford City ND to Killdeer ND

This is one of the more politically incorrect names for a motel I have seen. I had to wonder what they would have called it if Pres. Roosevelt had some other physically issues, like if he were missing an arm would it be "Lefty's", or if he had a big behind "Bubblebutts".
On the other hand maybe that is what the local Indians named him---they usually called them as they saw them.

This very close to Roosevelt National park. There is some spectacular scenery in this area. As has happened 3-4 times before on this trip I had a much easier time climbing up the hillside to get pic than climbing down. Once again I left some skin up there and oncen again that first aid kit the Missy Sassy packed was put to good use.

More great scenery, looking into Roosevelt Park.

This is the edge of Badlands.


I am starting to get a little concerned about getting to Council Bluffs Iowa for the Ragbrai ride by July 18th. It is about 800 miles and I now have 13 days to do it. What I need is a long milage day--90 to 100+ miles would be good. Miss Sassy will be meeting me there and be a sag wagon. It will be great to see the lady again and enjoy the 10,000 real bikers doing their thing riding across Iowa.
What has been a bit irritating is that the wind continues to blow pretty strongly from the East, which makes 90 to 110 mile days problematical. 50-60 mile days into the wind is getting close to my personal limit with the mentally grinding it out taking a toll. The wind has been from the East for the past 6 days and the forcast is for that to continue for the next 4 days at least.
When I was planning today's ride I was hoping the wind would calm down and if I really pushed it I could make it to Beulah ND which is about 110 miles away. That is agressive but I have done it before during this trip with no wind, so I was hoping. Another reason I was aiming high is that the first 30 miles of the day would be straight South before turning East. A cross wind is like no wind.
Those plans were quickly altered as the wind blew 10-15 mph from the south starting early this morn. I ended up stopping in Killdeer which was a 60 mile trip.
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