Sunday, July 5, 2009

watford City to Killdeer 2

About 15 miles south of Watford City is the valley of the Little Missouri River which is also the north entrnce to the Roosevelt National Park. The park was something I wanted to see but I want to devote 2-3 days to that so this will be added to the list of future things to do.

This pic is taken looking down into the valley and the park. Tht road in the distance runs deep into the valley and then steeply out. I promised myself a quart of ice water aand 5 fig bars once I made it up/out the other side. When I finally made it I doubled the reward because of course the wind was howling like a banshee thru that gap in the distance down into the valley.

This is where the Mountain Time zone kicks in again after 15 miles of Central time. I must find out the reasoning for this and what the river has to do with it.
That bridge is long and high off the river so when I got to the middle of it I did what all guys secretly want to do. I took a leak off the bridge into the river. This is a real guy thing and if any guy is honest he will admit that there is this underlying urge to pee off bridges into water. It is almost primeval in intensity but only if you are sure you will not get caught or observed. It is a private thing as well. So after checking carefully for traffic I marked my territory and felt great both physically and mentally (maybe even a little like Tarzan would feel in a similar situation) even though I probably broke several North Dakota laws in the process.

This is a view of the Little Missouri looking north from the bridge, after the fact.
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  1. Were you done peeing before the first drop hit the water? That would be sweet.

  2. That is classified info --but I can tell you that the water was cold.