Saturday, July 4, 2009

Bainville to Fort Union 3

Now I am not into getting dramatic about stuff and getting down on my knees and kissing the ground when something really cool happens but I came close when that gravel ended and a paved road showed up again. It took 3 hours and 45 minutes to cover those 14 miles,and I probably was on the bike for all but 20 minutes of that time.

This is Fort Union and it is as close as I got to it. Although I had really wanted to check out the fort and see the Yellowstone/Missouri River confluence I was done sightseeing at that point in time. I don't think I would have stopped if the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders were giving out free ice cream and hugs. If it is all still here the next time I get into the area(in a car) I will look at it then.

Right near Fort Union was this sign I did not recognize at first. I have been in Montana so long I forgot there are 49 other states. I will have to reprogram my mind .

I must say that this feeling of entering a new state was short lived, about 5 miles down the road it veered back into Montana.
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