Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fort Union To Fairview Mt.

I am fascinated by the stuff that folks decorate their mailboxes with. I can just imagine the owner giving directions to his place. "Just drive down that hellhole of a gravel road until you see a mailbox with a cow skull --you will know it is us because ours still has a strip of black hair attached to the top".

More great art. This was awesome and again the camera does not do it justice.

Ok--I was tired as hell and my goal was to camp out in the town park of Fairview Mt., which is 100 yards from the North Dakota line. The little park is beautiful, close to a grocery store and it even has showers.
I was just unhooking my trailer and 3 things happened within about 5 seconds of each other that changed my mind about staying there.
First a bunch of kids carrying a bunch of fireworks arrived and were talking about "blowing up the park", second- 3 mosquitos landed on my arm, and thirdly I saw several lightning flashes from a dark cloud heading my way. I immediately switched gears and decided to find someplace to stay with a roof over it away from this park.
I rode about a mile away and came across the Korner Motel which did not appear to be open. There were no lights and only 1 car in the lot. I was ready to move on when I saw the license plate of that one car and decided to stop in. Also, that plate was on an Aztec which I took as a promising sign because my son Russ drives one.

I knocked on the "office" door and a guy says $25.00 "cash"and I do not need your name. You are in room # 4. That was the extent of the conversation. I got inside just before a goose drowing storm hit. The room was good --my kind of place. Miss Sassy would probably have a different opinion. I will stay here again when in the area. I slept like a baby except when my legs started to cramp but they got over it after an hour or so.Feeling good this morning.
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