Saturday, July 4, 2009

Even more sights between Fairview Mt and Watford City Mt.

This is part of a nice museum located in Alexander Nd. I have always wondered about these kinds of roofs and what the big rocks are doing up there. Well, I got the scoop today and learned something new from 2 nice ladies at the museum.. It was common in the 1800's to made a roof of mud , then cover it with a type of stone called scorio, which looks like a cinder stone of some sort. Then the larger stones were added to help keep the scorio in place. I did not ask about what purpose the roof skull served.

This is Marsha and Mae (mom and daughter) who work at the museum. Very gracious ladies who were nice to a biker who came after they were closed.
Btw there is something screwy with the time in this area of ND. I learned today that when you cross over into ND from Mt. you go from Mountain Time to Central Time, but then a little ways in to ND you go back to Mountain Time for a while. It has something to do with the Missouri River being the determining line but the 10 folks I talked about it today all thought it is a pain in the ass and they have never heard a good explanation as to why it is what it is.
So when I got to this museum a little after 3 Mountain Time it was really 4 Central time but tomorrow when I travel east I will hit Mountain time again.

There was something cool about this saddle shop in Alexander nD. maybe it was the 3 saddles on the railing or the WHOA sign on the post. Too bad it was closed , I wanted to talk to these folks.
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