Saturday, July 4, 2009

More signs along the route Fairview Mt to Watford City Nd.

The Yellowstone river meets up with the Missouri close to here and the YS is beautiful . You can see a bit of it on the far left.

This is the Yellowstone looking south , again this is pretty.

Although North Dakota does not put up those white crosses like Montana does you still come across some very poignant roadside memorials. When I saw this a short ways into ND I had to stop and just absorb all the things this had to say and wonder about the people this death affected.

These are common signs near intersections of roads leading off the main drag. Usually these are gravel or dirt roads and these signs will let folks know who lives where in the "outback". I will bet this type of info saves a lot of wasted time when you are looking for someone specific and do not want to drive all over hell knocking on doors.
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