Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Malta to Glasgow 3

It was warm yesterday.

In most bike circles this would be considered an oxymoron.

This is Stephen Fletcher a west bound biker from New York to Seattle to San Diego. He is definately a real biker who took some time to chat with a OFG heading east. Fletch and his wife have been cast members of several broadway plays including Wicked which played in Ohio and was seen by several friends in Versailles.

Fletch was heading into ,mosquito alley , actually Fletch said he had had no problem with mosquitoes and had hardly seen any until he met met, he was wondering what that dark cloud was swirling around me and my bike. I gave him some water and my prayers. Actually He has a blog and as soon as we email each other I will include it. It has to be interesting.

More road art that you would not normally see when driving in a car.
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