Thursday, July 2, 2009

nasua Mt to Wolf Point Mt

If you are ever close to Nahua Mt. Bergie's is a must stop. Great food and maybe the best ice cream I have ever had.

The more I checked this out the more I was impressed. This is an all metal sculpture in front bof the town hall in Nashua. That is nall metal wire and rods put together to make a huge porcupine. This is another impressive metal art piece that I have seen in Montana.

I was wondering why a porcupine sculpture in Nashua , then about a half mile out of town I came to this spot. Obviously this is porcupine country.

This was a scene that can seen while rounding a curve on route 2 outside of Nashua. The camera does not do it justice but these 2 types of power lines form a sort of pattern as they go forever into the distance, straight as an arrow.


Another short day milage wise on the bike . The plan was to end up in Poplar Mt. a distance of about 60 miles but stopped in Wolf Point which is a 40 mile trip. The reason was a 20-25 mile head wind that blew all day. Although my legs could have gone further my mind was fried from traveling 7 mph all day. Also, I did not like the fact that with a strong headwind is that it is difficult to hear traffic coming from behind.
What was interesting is that I met several west bound bikers who were really making hay with that strong tail wind. All were smiling and rolling along. One guy had over 100 miles in before noon and was shooting for a 200 mile day, which is a lot with a loaded bike. I hope he made it.

I am still looking for a westerly tailwind , actually a strong tail wind of any kind . I realize that wind is a fact of biking and you have to deal with it the best you can . The forecast is for easterly winds for next 3 days.
I consider myself an optimist in that the glass is usually half full, for every nasty uphill there is a pleasant downhill, and for every day you fight the wind there will be a day when you float on a cloud while it pushes you along. It has not happened yet on this trip but I know it is coming. Actually as I think about it, if touring the country by bike at 12 mph is 5 times better than traveling in a car at 60 mph then biking bat 6 mph it should be 10 times as good, even if it is against the wind.

Going that slow does give you a lot of time to think about a lot of topics. I have finalized my thoughts on the similarities between climbing a long steep hill and child birth. I will write that up in the near future.
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