Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fairview Mt to Watford City Nd

After venturing into North Dakota for about 20 minutes yesterday I left it for good (or until when I revisit) and entered North Dakota. Montana and its residents has been such a big part of my life (actually my entire life) for such a long time I will have to adjust to not being in BIG SKY country. It is interesting that Montana, which is notorius for putting up the minimum number of signs that provide directions, give warnings about pavement endings etc etc inside the state would have signs letting you know that you are actually leaving the state. I guess they want to make sure that you understand completely what you are doing and if you you are doing so mistakemly they want to help you realize your error. Or maybe they want to give the traveler a chance to change their mind about leaving.

Montana you are an awesome state and what I saw makes me want to see more of you and meet more of your people.

Road gold treasure. I almost bought one of these a few days ago because I have been having some issues with the wire pins that hold trailer onto bike, but I had a feeling I would come across one on the highway. Although this is a lot bigger than what I really need it means more than the $6 I saved because this is road gold treasure, oh boy oh boy. Actually this one does not work well because it has been run over but I know I can fix that.
In addition I feel that a solid metal spoon is in my future for mixing those peanut butter and jelly concoctions even though that 9/16 wrench works very well and is fun to lick when done.

This is a very small town of Cartwright ND right across the border from Mt. I found this pic interesting because of the name on the street sign. Just yesterday I met Rusty Stafne and sons in Wolf Point. The name must be big around here if they are naming streets after it.

It was a very nice 45 mile ride from Fairview to Watford City. Actually is was a super ride and even though it was not that far I will remember it for a long time and will explain in later posts.
As I read this sign at the edge of town I wondered about the "city of the year" deal. I looked up "cities" in Nd and got the following list
Watford City is not one of the top 25 populationwise . There are none over 100,ooo and only 3 over 50,000. The competition for this annual award must be fierce.
What is interesting is that when Miss Sassy and I were traveling west by car this is where we met Hans the Swiss Biker that I rn into again in Missoula. Actually I am staying at the same motel Hans and his companions stayed. That trip out west and meeting Hans seems like it was in another lifetime. It is amazing how time slows down and so much stuff gets packed into it when you are traveling 12 miles per hour , as I write this I am having a hard time fathoming all that has happened in the last 5 weeks. Being here in this spot is bringing all that home. I am sure that will be a major train of thought as I ride tomorrow.
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