Saturday, July 4, 2009

Signs along the road--Fairview Mt to Watford City ND

This makes me want to buy Occident flour the next time I buy flour.

The name Sharbono got my attention. For some reason the next 20 miles I kept humming that song I Got You Babe.

An borderline idiot person with a juvenile sense of humor would find this interesting and giggle a bit when seeing this sign. Another thought would be how a sign like this would have played in 1600 Puritan times in New England. Somebody would probably have been burned at the stake.

That same person would also get excited about a store with this name. There is a chain of them out here , like In and Out Mart. I'm sorry but I do have a very juvenile sense of humor and can not help but thinking odd thoughts every time I see one these signs.
I wonder if they have these stores in Boston Mass which prides itself in banning anything suggestive. If I remember correctly this was the same city that banned that Xmas song "I saw mommy kissing santa claus" --somehow I don't think this would pass the zoning board review.
Well enough of my sophmoronic musing on the double meaning of signs--I will keep mky giggles to myself from now on.
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