Saturday, July 4, 2009

New Batch of Library pics

I am not sure where all of these are located but I was going thru pic file and found them. I am really kinda trying to seek out libraries in the various towns but not doing the best job in the world. I hope that Deb, Elaine, Pat, Betty and Barb do not view my less than stellar efforts negatively and nail me for overdue book charges than I already pay.

Btw -I have been getting requests from other folks who want other type buildings pictured like post offices and CPA offices. You guys are wasting your time--it ain't gonna happen unless I happen upon one on fire and the local fire department is there . I will take action pics of the fire fighters working and maybe the building will get into the background--but do not hold your breath boys.
Also, to Steve Hemmelgarn , fireman extraordinaire, do not even think about asking me for fire station pics, but if your lovely wife were to make a request of any type I am sure it would be accomodated. As you no doubt already have learned,those Brits have a way of making you want to do things against your will.

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  1. Thanks for the pics. I enjoy seeing them. I'm thinking of asking the board for a library on wheels so I can track down those deadbeats that don't return their books. If any of you reading this have overdue books, I recommend returning them ASAP.